AMFF’s webinars provide an in-depth look into various aspects of fly fishing history. Hosted by curator Jim Schottenham and featuring guests including Scott Biron, Jonathan Larrabee, and John Marci, these informal yet informative chats provide unique insights that both educate and entertain.

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Reel Talk

Reel Selections

  • Edward Vom Hofe Peerless size 3
  • C.F. Orvis 1874 patent reel
  • Ed Follett fly reel
  • John Kopf, NY size 4
  • Martin Novelty Works engraved for Fly Rod Crosby
  • Malloch Patent
  • Sellers Bas-kit Fly Reel
  • Wyers/Paris
  • New York Ball Handle Reel
  • Francis Loomis Auto
  • Hardy Perfect

Reel Selections

  • Thomas Barker
  • William Billinghurst
  • Treman, King, & Co. (Clinton)
  • William Slote
  • Edward Hewitt
  • Willard Bradley
  • J. F. & B. F. Meek
  • Ernest Holzmann

Reel Selections

  • Edwin Haenelt Reel
  • Meisselbach Rainbow Fly Reel
  • Hardy Uniqua Fly Reel
  • Spike Foot Reel
  • Clamp Foot Reel
  • Early NY Side-mount Fly Reel
  • Michael Hackney 3-D Fly Reel

Reel Selections

  • Edward Vom Hofe Col. Thompson Dry Fly
  • Edward Vom Hofe Restigouche Model 423 Salmon Reel
  • A. Allen Spinet Spinning Reel
  • Henry Milward & Son Nottingham Style Reel
  • Andrew Hendryx Raised Pillar Fly Reel
  • A.F. Meisselbach Amateur Model 12 Reel

Streamer Fly Tying with Scott Biron

Discussing Ray Salminen and tying his Gray Glory.

Episode 2

Chatting about Ora Smith and tying his Purple Smelt.

Tackle Talk

Talking the history of the tying vice with Jonathan Larrabee, principal owner of HMH vises, and HMH pro-staff member/AMFF Ambassador Scott Biron.

Discussing bamboo rods with John Marci of The Adirondack Rod Company.