Here at AMFF, we are frequently asked to provide identification and history behind some of the rods and reels that are a huge part of fly fishing’s past. We are always happy to help, and if you provide us with a little information, we can be much more expedient with your answers. Please note that we are not able to provide appraisals.

Where applicable, please include the following information and images to aid in our research, and then send to Curator Jim Schottenham at


Is there a name or maker anywhere on the reel?

Is there a patent date or patent number?

Is there a serial number anywhere on the reel?

What is the diameter of the reel (if the reel has a raised pillar frame, please measure from pillar to pillar)?

Please provide images of the handle side, the tail plate (opposite the handle side), and the reel foot. Slight angles are best. (see recommended views below)

Handle View

Tail Plate

Reel Foot


Is there a name or maker stamped on the reel seat, inked on the shaft, or labeled with a decal on the rod?

What information (if any) is inked on the rod shaft (Length, model, weight, line size, etc.)?

Is there a serial number anywhere on the rod? (most often found on each section)

Are all sections of the rod equal in length?

If the answer to the above question is no, what are the lengths of each section?

Did the rod come with a tube (wood, aluminum, brass, etc.), wood form, or sock (a soft bag to hold the sections of the rod)?

Is there a label on the tube or a tag on the sock?

Please provide images of the reel seat hardware, guides, ink/stamp/decals, and ferrules (metal parts that fit together when assembling the rod). Recommended views (the less “busy” the background, the better) below:

Reel Seat and Guides