Introducing Fishing the Collection!

In this new film series from the AMFF, we’re taking vintage rods from our collection and putting them in the hands of modern anglers. As we travel to various locations, bamboo rods of yesteryear are put to the test in both salt and fresh water, and our anglers share their take on what it’s like to fish with classic equipment. We think you’ll find the results visually captivating and educational, allowing the observer to reflect on how far we’ve come in the development of equipment while also honoring the beauty and style of the past.


Season 1 // Episode 1

Featured in this episode: 1973 Orvis Battenkill, 8′, 8wt, 2-piece

Season 1 // Episode 2

Featured in this episode: ~1970 Farlow – Lee Wulff Midge 6′ 2 1/4″, 5wt

Season 1 // Episode 3

Season 2 // Episode 1

Featured in this episode: 2022 Thomas & Thomas 8.5 Feet, 12 Weight Sextant Rod

Season 2 // Episode 2

Featured in this episode: E.F. Payne Rod Co. 8 weight, circa 1956

Season 2 // Episode 3

Featured in this episode: Paul H. Young 5wt, 7.5 ft, 3.65oz, 2 piece, 2 tip bamboo rod, built ca. 1996/1967