Bill Kessler will fly fish for practically anything that swims, from farm pond bluegills and 6” native brookies to 100 lb+ tarpon. He’s fished Montana, Idaho and Oregon practically every summer for over 40 years. Special interests include selective spring creek trout, tropical salt water species (bonefish/tarpon) and anadromous salmonids.
A passion for fishing exotic places, he’s fished from 250 miles north of the Arctic circle on Russia’s Kola peninsula and the Russian far-East (Kamchatka), to Tierra del Fuego, the out-islands in the Bahamas, plus civilized sectors of Scottish and Irish salmon rivers and historic sectors of the Test and Itchen in Hampshire. Although he lives in New York, his “home” steelhead river is the North Umpqua in Oregon, which he’s fished for over 40 years. He fishes New Brunswick and the Gaspé in Quebec every year.

“My fishing is an endless supply of beautiful problems, my classrooms are some of the most beautiful places on Earth and my classmates are some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet — from the unemployed to captains of industry. We all share this strange, wonderful passion.”