As stewards of fly fishing history we research and examine the equipment, people, fish, and environments that contribute to our sport- the Florida Everglades being one of most unique. It is especially disconcerting to see something that has been so vital to Florida’s ecosystem and overall fabric throughout the course history fall on such hard times. One of the defining characteristics of natural Everglades ecology is its ability to support itself in a nutrient-poor environment, and if that is lost there will be a much larger effect felt across the state. Society has stood up against plans to drain the Everglades in the 1800’s and build an airport there in the 1900’s, and now we face our biggest test of all in restoring the area from years of pollution that has led to toxic algae blooms and other serious maladies that are mentioned in the video above.

Time heals all wounds, let’s start the clock now.

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