AMFF honored JHOFF with our 2024 Heritage Award at a special kickoff event April 18 at the New York Yacht Club in New York City. In addition to cocktails and dinner, the event featured guest speakers and a film that captures the history and magic of the One Fly tournament. The museum was thrilled to have the chance to celebrate the organization’s devotion to conservation, and to relive a few tales of the camaraderie and tight-knit community of One Fly participants over the past thirty-eight years. The official Heritage award presentation will take place during the regularly scheduled Jackson Hole One Fly event in Jackson Hole on September 8th.

Founded in 1986, the foundation hosts the legendary One Fly tournament every September in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Every year, forty select teams put their angling skills to the test over the course of two days, with each angler allowed just a single fly. The tournament captures the spirit of friendly competition while celebrating the generosity of its participants and partners. The JHOFF uses monies raised from the event along with partner matching funds to fund stream conservation and habitat rehabilitation projects along the upper Snake River and its headwaters in Yellowstone National Park. To date, the JHOFF has raised more than $3M while joining matching funds from others to fund more than $22M, yielding total funding of more than $25M for selected native cutthroat trout conservation projects.

Photo by Neal Henderson. Courtesy of the Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation.
A close up of a trout as it rises to take a large insect, half its head out of the water yet not breaking the surface tension.
Photo by Neal Henderson. Courtesy of the Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation.


Greg Case – JHOFF Chairman
Jack Dennis – JHOFF Founder and Board Emeritus
Hilton Graham – Filmaker/Director of Tension
John Holland – President JHOFF
Chris Wood – President TU


Our favorite shots from the night. Photos by Joe Klementovich.