The Museum is always looking for talented writers to make fly-fishing history, traditions, and people come alive in the pages of our quarterly journal, The American Fly Fisher. We welcome manuscript submissions, and the following guidelines will help you with this process.

If you have an idea for an article, please first query the editor with a letter or e-mail her at Manuscript lengths average 2,000–4,000 words (8–16 pages), double spaced, but we welcome shorter pieces for sidebars or spreads, the potential two-part article, and appropriate profiles. All manuscripts sent in for consideration must be typed, double spaced, with each page numbered. An accompanying CD or attachment to an e-mail file is most helpful. We use Microsoft Word 2011 for Macintosh but can convert most formats.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, we will need a brief biography (see the Contributors department at the back of the magazine) and a photo of you, with photo credit, as soon as possible.

Be sure to reference your research thoroughly. We expect full citations, and direct quotes must include the page number within the citation. A full citation includes author’s name, editor’s or translator’s name when appropriate, book title, city of publication, publisher, year of publication, and page number of material referenced. A full citation for a journal article includes author’s name, article name, journal name, volume and number of the journal, and inclusive page numbers of the article. Please see other journal articles to review our style.

We also depend on the author to secure images/illustrations to support the article. Please send artwork with your article that can be reproduced. Be sure to note references and credit for the work and provide copies of appropriate permissions to reproduce the images.

Every author is also asked to sign a Permission for Usage form before a publication date can be coordinated. This form will allow the Museum to possibly distribute your article through other media, such as our website.

Although we do not pay for contributions to The American Fly Fisher, we will supply each author with twelve copies of the journal upon publication. We are not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, drawings, photographs, materials, and memorabilia. Artwork sent in with an accepted article will be returned after the issue is printed.

We look forward to expanding The American Fly Fisher and the community of writers and artists who contribute to our prestigious journal. We look forward to hearing from you.

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