On January 11, 2024, AMFF curator Jim Schottenham presented his fourth Zoom seminar highlighting a special selection of fly reels from the museum’s collection. As past president of the Old Reel Collectors Association and former reel expert for Lang’s Tackle Auction, Jim has spent decades collecting, studying, and writing about antique reels for numerous publications. For this talk, he was joined by special guest Michael Hackney, a pioneer in the 3D printing of reels whose work was featured in the Summer 2015 issue of our journal.


Reel Selections

  • Edwin Haenelt Reel
  • Meisselbach Rainbow Fly Reel
  • Hardy Uniqua Fly Reel
  • Spike Foot Reel
  • Clamp Foot Reel
  • Early NY Side-mount Fly Reel
  • Michael Hackney 3-D Fly Reel
A reel