Lone Fly Fisherman on LaHave River, Nova Scotia

Henry E. McDaniel (American, 1906–2008)
Lone Fly Fisherman on LaHave River, Nova Scotia, undated
watercolor on paper

Henry E. McDaniel is often admired for his representational skill, however, his talent tells us more about the spirit than the physicality of his subjects. With a compositional strength and sensitivity for color, McDaniel draws our attention to nature’s subtleties. Swatches of bright green and determined points of white place established wildflowers along the rocky bank at the foreground of Lone Fly Fisherman on LaHave River, Nova Scotia. One can envision their heads bobbing on thin and delicate stems, buoyant in a soft breeze and full of life in a seemingly uninhabitable environment. McDaniel’s attention to detail shares an optimistic yet humble display of the harmonies found in nature.

An impassioned promoter of fish and waterfowl conservation, Henry E. McDaniel auctioned his own work to raise supporting funds. McDaniel’s love for nature embodied every scene he painted throughout his long and successful career—painting until one hundred years of age. Prized by patrons and anglers for decades, McDaniel’s work now hangs in collections internationally, including the Anglers’ Club of New York and the collection of Prince Charles in England.