Hewitt Reel

Edward Ringwood Hewitt (1866-1957) is one of the great figures of 20th century angling. He wrote voluminously on trout and salmon fishing, developed the Bivisible and Neversink Skater dry flies, popularized nymph fishing in this country, was an early exponent of dry fly fishing for salmon, and was also one of the first to help promote catch-and-release fishing. It is currently believed that Hewitt built 22 fly reels, mainly for friends and fellow members of the Anglers Club of New York. At present, only seven Hewitt reels are known to exist, including this one once owned by Maxine Atherton, wife of artist and author John Atherton.

Yearc. 1945Accession No.1969.010.005Made byEdward R. Hewitt

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