We are incredibly excited to officially announce that after our film TIME made the rounds on the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour, it is now available to watch for free online!

TIME is an exploration of Lefty Kreh’s legacy among some of the sport’s greatest living legends. Flip Pallot, Blane Chocklett, and Bob Clouser explore the backwaters of inland Florida—one of Lefty’s favorite fishing areas—and discuss how Lefty’s presence influenced their own trajectories in a life of fly fishing.

Keep an eye for some pretty cool AMFF Easter eggs during the film, like the fact that Blane is tying his iconic gamechanger on Lefty’s old homemade vice that we brought down for production. Also, in the shot where Blane lifts a tilapia out of the water, the fly in its mouth is an original Lefty’s Deceiver tied by Lefty himself. Later, there’s an amazing shot of Blane casting his gamechanger so it’s all in line with the “passing the torch” message we were driving towards. These little touches made us all feel a little bit more connected to Lefty and reinforced the purpose behind the film during the shoot. We hope that message really shines through in the final product.

We’d also like to extend a big thank you to the AMFF board and the Anglers’ Circle for making this film happen! Help us create more projects like this by supporting the AMFF through the button below.

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