We are incredibly excited to have After You’ve Gone in the Fly Fishing Film Tour this year!

AMFF ambassador Rachel Finn grapples with life after loss. Showcasing an inspiring outlook on moving forward through trauma in an unapologetically true-to-herself way that brings a smile to everyone who crosses her path. Oh, and she catches some big F&#@ING fish.

Here’s what Rachel had to say about the project:

“Basically, I had nothing to do with the film other than showing up, traveling and fishing…

The entire thing was conceived and executed by Fly Lords. They gave me a basic layout of the story they wanted to tell, and I decided to trust their vision…. I’ll admit I was nervous that a couple of 27 year old dudes would be able to pull it off. I liked that they were tired of the cliche “Bro” movies that have dominated the film festivals. I was attracted to the idea of telling a story, and a universal one at that.

I had no idea that they would dedicate it to Jeff – this really made me happy. I’m so proud of Fly Lords for taking a chance, and making a powerful film that everyone can relate to.”