Flip Pallot is often referred to as a total outdoorsman, which is most certainly true; he is also an innovator, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor, author, broadcaster, conservation champion, and is held in the highest regard by many as an extra­ordinary friend.

From his earliest days in Dade County, where he had the opportunity to study the local wildlife, to his time at the University of Miami where he went to school with his three best friends, John Emory, Norman Duncan, and Chico Fernandez, fishing was an integral part of his life.

From 1963-1967, Flip was in the jungles of Panama as a linguist with the U.S. Army. Fishing there and throughout Central America was wonderful, offering a preview of an angling life in exotic destinations to come.

Though Flip worked as a banker, he knew that this was not what life was all about and hung up his suit to pursue his dream career as a fishing and hunting guide. Hurricane Andrew devastated his successful Homestead business after 12 years and Flip and his family relocated to Mims in Central Florida, where the production of outdoor television became his third career.

Following episodes of ABC American Sportsman and the Outdoor Life series (with the help of Stu Apte and Glenn Lau), the Walkers Cay Chronicles was born and aired original programming for 16 seasons on ESPN. Flip also worked with another close friend on a numerous projects, the late and much missed Lefty Kreh.

Flip’s expertise can be felt throughout the fly fishing world and beyond in his partnerships with Hell’s Bay Boat Works, Temple Fork Outfitters, Cortland Lines, Yeti, Costa, Raymarine Electronics, and, most recently, Frigate Reserve Rum.

The American Museum of Fly Fishing is proud to honor Flip as the recipient of the 2020 Izaak Walton Award.


Event Chairs
Alan and Nancy Zakon

Event Committee
Drew Chicone
Graham Hegameyer
Karen Kaplan
Robert Scott
Richard Tisch
Frankie Wolfson

Flip with the 2020 Izaak Walton Award. Photo by Anthony Davino.

Highlights from the evening

There are moments you know are special as they are happening. The 2020 Izaak Walton Award event honoring Flip Pallot at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo was filled with them. From being in the presence of saltwater legends such as Flip, Chico Fernandez, and Stu Apte to participating in a toast led by the honoree—Frigate Reserve Rum, Flip’s latest co-venture, in the glasses of all—it was certainly an evening to remember.

The museum established the Izaak Walton Award in 2014 to honor and celebrate individuals who live by the Compleat Angler philosophy. Their passion for the sport of fly fishing and involvement in the angling community provides inspiration for others and promotes the legacy of leadership for future generations. Often referred to as a total outdoorsman, Flip Pallot is an innovator, entrepreneur, teacher, mentor, author, broadcaster, and conservation champion, and is held in the highest regard by many as an extra­ordinary friend—qualities that make him an ideal honoree.

Stu Apte began the proceedings with a moving tribute to Flip, thanking him for their many days of friendship. AMFF Ambassador Drew Chicone then stepped in as emcee, welcoming friends to the club. He introduced Chico Fernandez, who has known Flip since the late 1950s. Chico is a wonderful orator and storyteller, and his tales of their younger days—fishing off bridges, making their own tackle, and sharing a passion for music—transported guests to another time. He concluded by calling Flip the greatest outdoorsman of all time, and the deep connection between the two men was clearly visible.

Drew then presented the award to Flip amid a standing ovation. Flip’s extraordinary dedication to the sport and the natural world was evident in every word he said, and he praised the museum for its continued work as the stewards of fly-fishing history.

AMFF would like to thank our hosts and event chairs Nancy and Alan Zakon. Our online auction welcomed bidders from across the country, and we greatly appreciate the following auction donors: All Waters Fly Fishing, Drew Chicone, Deerfield Rods, Flip Pallot, El Pescador, Jack Pittard, Rebekka Redd, Mike Rice, Kyle Schaefer, Yasuji Sugai, Three Forks Ranch, and David and Emily Whitlock.