Changing Flies by Rod Crossman. Oil (24 x 30 inches).
From the collection of the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

The John D. Voelker Foundation and the American Museum of Fly Fishing are pleased to present the 2019 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award to Jimmy Watts of Bellingham, Washington. Read his winning entry, which first appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of the Drake, by clicking the story title.

The 2019 competition drew a field of 156 entries. Entries were judged anonymously to narrow the pool to ten finalists. In addition to the winner, judges bestowed honorable mention on two humorous short stories (just click the title to read).

The other seven finalists were:

Colten Braybrooks of Seattle, Washington, for “Osprey, the Fisherman”
Bob Linsenmen of Rose City, Michigan, for “The Last Brook Trout”
Kristin Millgate of Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “The Wading Game”
Ben Moyer of Farmington, Pennsylvania, for “At the Heart of Hollows”
Frank Sargeant of Union Grove, Alabama, for “Some Fish Make Rivers”
Tim Schulz of Houghton, Michigan, for “The Manistee River Waltz”
S. Paige Wallace of Portland, Oregon, for “Learning to Mend”