Skiers love fishing almost as much as fresh powder. The folks at Parlor Skis are making some amazing custom skis, dialing in the details to give you the perfect ride. We are thrilled to be featuring the art of Nick Mayer on these limited edition skis. For each pair that sold, $150 is donated to the Museum, so it is a win win.

* The 15% museum member discount is not applicable on this product


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Cardinal 90 and 100:

The Cardinal is the foundation of the Parlor quiver. A more centered stance and traditional all-mountain sidecut allow this ski to make powerful turns of varying size across the fall line. Moderate width in the waist combined with our signature full reverse camber provide soft snow versatility without sacrificing grip on ice and loose granular. This ski will rip on hardpack without feeling grabby in soft snow.

A quiver-of-one for just about any location, arc early morning groomer laps then head off in search of your secret stash without skipping a beat.

The Cardinal is available in both 100 and 90 millimeter widths. Both models can be built with either full reverse camber or traditional camber. This means more options to help you dial in your perfect pair of Cardinals. Choose either full reverse camber for a slightly looser, soft-snow-friendly feel or traditional camber for a little more grip on firm snow.
Kingfisher 95 and 105:

The Kingfisher is a quick, responsive ski with more tip and tail rise than other birds in the Parlor flock. With its bigger rocker profile, the Kingfisher smooths out the bumps, crud, and slush and allows quick maneuverability in the trees. Coming back on piste, let the slight traditional camber take over and settle into long slalom or tight GS turns with confidence, even on the hard stuff. When it snows, the Kingfisher’s wider platform and tip rocker lets it dance quick turns on the surface. If speed is your preference, just sit back and enjoy the float.

The Kingfisher is available in both 105 and 95 millimeter widths. We recommend the wider platform to anyone who prefers a wider-waisted ski, prioritizes softer snow skiing, or will use it as a backcountry ski. We recommend the narrower platform for better performance on groomers or harder snow.


The Sparrow is the ultimate backwoods weapon. Pintail shaping makes this ski incredibly reactive and allows the rider to pivot off the tails on a dime at any speed. In more open terrain, stay over the front of the ski and the wide tip will pull you into longer radius, open-ended turns with an emphasis on fall line skiing.

Although not as fat as most powder specific skis, the unique tapered shape provides excellent deep snow performance by keeping the tail down and lifting the tip up to the surface.

A tree skiers dream, this is the perfect backcountry tool for our Northeastern woods where quick reaction and mixed-snow versatility are a necessity.

Mountain Jay:

The Mountain Jay combines elements from its narrower wasted brethren, namely the Cardinal’s groomer and carving performance and Kingfisher’s playfulness, with the Heron’s surf through deep snow.

The Jay carries a wide platform and perfect rocker profile for greater stability and superior float for soft snow skiing. Rarely does a wider ski blur the lines between all mountain and big mountain like the Jay.

For many this bird will become a single choice for everyday skiing, or a perfect wider ski addition to the quiver.


The Heron is a big, surfy ski with heavy emphasis on soft snow performance. Plenty of girth carried through the full outline of the ski will keep you floating and smearing on the deepest and stormiest days of your dreams.

Don’t be fooled by the width, tip this ski up on edge in soft corduroy and it will rail smooth, round GS turns. Low swing-weight gives the ski a lively, playful feel in loose snow.

The Heron makes a great travel ski and an excellent soft snow ride for the best days out East.

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Cardinal 90, Cardinal 100, Kingfisher 95, Kingfisher 105, Sparrow, Mountain Jay, Heron