About the Event

Join us at our Manchester, Vermont, campus on October 27 at 5PM as we delve into the recently donated Charles Thacher Book Collection. Mr. Thacher, an expert in the field of angling literature and author of Angling Books: A Guide for Collectors, will be on hand to share some of his favorite volumes. We’re also pleased to welcome master book binder Carolyn Chadwick, who is responsible for the preservation of some of the books in this extraordinary collection.

Space is limited. RSVP to amff@amff.org. Refreshments will be served.

The Universal Angler, made so by three books of fishing. The first written by Mr. Izaak Walton. The second by Charles Cotton esq. The third by Col. Robert Venables. All of which may be bound together, or sold each of them severally. London, printed for Richard Marriott, and sold by most booksellers. MDCLXXVI.