This summer, enjoy the Kids Clinic virtually!

Beginning in July, you’ll be able to stop by the museum and pick up a copy of the MayFly Project Curriculum Book, which teaches you about fly fishing, safety, conservation and how to appreciate the outdoors.

Fly Tier Paul Sinicki will teach you how to tie a fly with his demonstration videos. Make sure you have tying material on hand!

Want to learn how to draw a rod and fly? Clay and Lain will walk you step by step in their drawing videos.

Have fun downloading our AMFF coloring pages and AMFF word search. Once completed, enter your favorite coloring page for a chance to win a prize! Please email them to or mail them to AMFF PO Box 42 Manchester, VT 05254

Paul Sinicki tying videos

Learn how to tie different flies with fly tier Paul Sinicki. He will demonstrate how to tie a Foam Fly, Mark’s Crayfish Fly, Joe’s Hopper Fly and a Coachman Fly.

Foam Fly

Mark's Crayfish

Joe's Hopper

Coachman Fly

Angling-inspired art

In these videos, Clay and Lain will show you how to draw a rod and fly and also explain the purpose for each part.

Draw a fly rod

Drawing a nymph fly

Activity page downloads

Be creative and have fun with our AMFF coloring pages and enter your favorite for a chance to win a prize! Also, don’t let our AMFF Word Search stump you.