About the Event

Led by renowned tier and sculptor Val Kropiwnicki, this small, intimate hands-on tying event is geared toward people with tying experience and a desire to learn about the artistic side of tying. Participants will be challenged to drop their notions of following patterns and instead, learn an approach to fly design that incorporates pure aesthetics through a developed understanding of the elements of art and principles of design as they apply to creative fly tying. Participants will explore color and compositional theory, brainstorm and sketch fly concepts centered around handmade hooks supplied by Val, select feathers, floss and tying materials that augment their designs, and learn tying techniques to help bring their creative tying ideas to life.

The class will take place at AMFF in Manchester, VT

Saturday, June 3: Base level

Morning session

  • Introduction to Val’s work/Q&A
  • Elements of art/Principles of design
  • Fly proportions
  • Hook selection
  • Brainstorming designs
  • Lunch break

Afternoon session

  • Critique on developed fly concepts
  • Materials selection
  • Underbody demonstration
  • Group tying (underbody)
  • Tinsel/floss/body hackling demonstration
  • Group tying (bodywork)
  • Fly photography (time permitting)

Limited to 8 participants


Morning session

  • Advanced tying
  • Winging theory/demonstration
  • Group tying (wings/sides/cheeks)
  • Mounting/Framing Flies
  • Lunch break

Afternoon session

  • Fishing with Val on the Battenkill (please bring your own equipment and Vermont fishing license)

Limited to 3 participants


Base Level cost: $350

  • includes all tying materials, breakfast, coffee, lunch, and drinks, and a creative fly-tying kit to take home (VKS Handmade hooks, Dr. Slick tying tools, Misc. feathers, floss,synthetics and tinsels)

Premium Level cost: $700

  • includes all of day one sessions, Sunday activities, and either a VKS fly or an Angelfire hook box (selection prioritized by date of registration)
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