I was recently immersed in a pile of old family photos. As I tried to piece together the date, location, and subjects of each, I eventually discovered those details written on the back. You can imagine how grateful I was that someone, several generations ago, had taken the time to do this.

Documenting history is a vital step in understanding our past and gaining greater appreciation for our future. AMFF has, since 1968, been the institution responsible for collecting, preserving, and interpreting the artifacts, art, and literature of our sport. As we continue with this meaningful mission, we realize that in our fast-paced, ever-changing world, we, as a mission-based organization, must change based on what the world needs. And right now, our world needs relationships, community, and connection.

Reflecting back on this milestone year, I’m thrilled to share that our achievements have supported the prioritization of things and people: we opened our state-of-the-art gallery at Wonders of Wildlife, which is educating thousands of outdoorsmen and -women each month; we reintroduced all of our in-person events and programs, including our kids clinics, fly-fishing festival, and Heritage Award event (this year celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film A River Runs Through It); and we expanded our exhibit offerings in Manchester with several new displays, including the acclaimed Tied Together: The Extraordinary Lives of Joan and Lee Wulff. Those who contacted AMFF with research requests and inquiries were treated to the invaluable expertise of our curator Jim Schottenham, who joined our team in early 2022.

As you consider your year-end giving, I hope you recognize the importance of the American Museum of Fly Fishing and the significant role it holds as a museum and member-based organization. Please also know that any gift—$10 or $10,000—will have a lasting impact as
we approach—and plan for—2023. We’re excited to:

  • dig deeper into our collection (including the recently acquired Charles Thacher Collection of nearly 400 of the finest antiquarian angling books) to uncover and share the stories of our past as we prepare for public access to our database
  • present the Heritage Award, Izaak Walton Award, Hogan Award, and Traver Award to deserving individuals who continue to have an impact on the sport of fly fishing
  • bring our members and supporters together through fishing (spring ‘23 Tamarack Club outing) and film, with the release of Life’s Short, a story surrounding the human experience and the complexities of love, mortality, and perseverance, as told through the eyes and experiences of legendary fly-fishing guide and artist Rachel Finn.

We are a public resource (on amff.org, Instagram, and onsite) here to serve you and our community. We aim to be a place of reflection and inspiration, and hope we can count on your support, which is essential to the continued success of our programming. As always, 100% of your donation to the annual appeal will support our mission.


Sarah Foster
Executive Director